Technology is used in every aspect of education now. In the classroom technology now plays a big role. These are useful resources that will help our readers to know how technology has changed education.


It has changed the way knowledge can be shared. The software and hardware solutions of SMART empower everyone. It affects the primary school students by giving them the opportunity to come together and explore ideas. There are interactive displays and various learning software that work together to create a connected classroom experience.


This site is one of the most popular places in knowing how technology is positively shaping our education. Here you will find guides on the newest education apps, education updates, useful tools, reviews of innovative education-related products, etc.

Tech & Learning

This site targets the K-12 educators. It contains reviews of software, articles on various technologies used in education, etc. You will know how social media is used in education, the way teacher-student interaction has changed due to technology, latest technology used in education, etc. Here you will find eBooks and whitepapers as well on education.

Elementary Education Degree

This site connects prospective students with different degree programs in elementary education. You will get lots of information on salary, career data, financial aid, etc. The site will help you if you are looking for a job as an elementary education teacher. You will get links to different degree programs.

These sites will the educators learn about the new ways of conducting classes. The students will also benefit from these resources. You should visit these links and know how technology is changing education positively.