5 apps that can be very helpful for the teachers

Application developers have come up with various apps to help the teachers in the classroom. These apps make lessons fun and more effective. Here are some of the best apps available now.


Teachers can change lessons into a game so that students are motivated to learn. You should enter the questions and answers into the site and create a game that the students can play.


Using this app, the students can share their best shool works or assignments with their parents. Teachers can also provide examples of students’ strengths and weaknesses to the parents during the parent-teacher meetings.

Google Classroom

Teachers can organize the class materials using this app. You can reach students easily and engage students in discussions. You can also make announcements to students using this app.

Teach Learn Lead

Using this app, you will be able to meet the other teachers who teach the same subject as you. You can meet like-minded colleagues from across the globe and share your knowledge and experience with each other.


This app is useful for the teachers to communicate with the students and their parents. You ca give classroom announcements, start a group chat, or contact them individually. The messages you send can be translated into more than 70 languages. So, you can easily communicate with parents who are non-native regarding the progress of the student or other reasons.

These apps are very helpful in interacting with students and their parents. It is easier to share ideas and organize works. These apps add positive value to the modern education system.

4 tools used in modern classrooms

There are lots of tools that are used in classrooms to give students and teachers a rewarding experience. These tools are now part of the modern day classrooms. Here are the common four tools used in modern classrooms today.

iPad in Education

iPad has made the classroom learning experience easier. You ca get links to apps and ebooks easily. Teachers can develop lesson plans in iPads. They will get links to textbooks, tutorials, apps, and more.

Skype in the Classroom

Over the past few years, use of Skype in the classroom has increased. It is used as a free online video conferencing tool. It can be used to collaborate with other classrooms. You can invite guest speakers from outside. You can go on virtual field trips in any part of the world. There is a teacher’s community here as well. By using it, you can search for specific lessons. Skype in Classroom creates a connection between the classroom and the outside world.

YouTube EDU

It is considered to be a global classroom that is powered by video. You can see short video lessons on every subject, you can create and upload your educational videos, and you can get access to many high-quality videos.

Google for Education

It offers various tools and training. It has a huge collection of classroom resources. There are tools like Google Docs, books that are approved by teachers, etc. Google is coming up with more tools to improve the learning and teaching process.

These tools help modern learning environment to be very exciting and useful. More tools will be developed in future and students will have a classroom experience they never had before.

5 ways technology is changing education

Today technology is widely used in education. Tools like iPad, MackBook Air, et.c are used for teaching. Teaching is no more limited to notebook and pen.

Here are some ways technology is changing education.

Education is not limited to classroom

Students no longer have to sit in computer labs to complete their assignments. They can use devices like iPads. They can work on their assignment even when they are waiting for the bus or in between classes.

Textbook is becoming extinct

Many mobile devices are used in the classroom. eBooks are becoming very popular. They are cheap, easy to access, interactive and up-to-date. So, students will be using fewer textbooks, and it may even become extinct.

Change in student-teacher roles

Because of technology, the traditional student-teacher roles have changed. The students are now more active and engaged. The teacher is now a facilitator. The student-teacher interaction is more now.

Classrooms are more collaborative

Because of technology in the classroom, students can collaborate with other students and their teachers even outside the classroom. There is no restriction that they should exchange ideas inside the classroom only.

Teacher can provide more personalized learning

The lessons made by the teachers can be customized to fit the student’s progress and style of learning. The students can work and improve their skills at their pace and level.

With all these technologies, it is evident that it will be a very exciting future for the students. The application of technology in the classroom is changing the entire education system.