5 ways technology is changing education

5 ways technology is changing education

Today technology is widely used in education. Tools like iPad, MackBook Air, et.c are used for teaching. Teaching is no more limited to notebook and pen.

Here are some ways technology is changing education.

Education is not limited to classroom

Students no longer have to sit in computer labs to complete their assignments. They can use devices like iPads. They can work on their assignment even when they are waiting for the bus or in between classes.

Textbook is becoming extinct

Many mobile devices are used in the classroom. eBooks are becoming very popular. They are cheap, easy to access, interactive and up-to-date. So, students will be using fewer textbooks, and it may even become extinct.

Change in student-teacher roles

Because of technology, the traditional student-teacher roles have changed. The students are now more active and engaged. The teacher is now a facilitator. The student-teacher interaction is more now.

Classrooms are more collaborative

Because of technology in the classroom, students can collaborate with other students and their teachers even outside the classroom. There is no restriction that they should exchange ideas inside the classroom only.

Teacher can provide more personalized learning

The lessons made by the teachers can be customized to fit the student’s progress and style of learning. The students can work and improve their skills at their pace and level.

With all these technologies, it is evident that it will be a very exciting future for the students. The application of technology in the classroom is changing the entire education system.

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