5 apps that can be very helpful for the teachers

5 apps that can be very helpful for the teachers

Application developers have come up with various apps to help the teachers in the classroom. These apps make lessons fun and more effective. Here are some of the best apps available now.


Teachers can change lessons into a game so that students are motivated to learn. You should enter the questions and answers into the site and create a game that the students can play.


Using this app, the students can share their best shool works or assignments with their parents. Teachers can also provide examples of students’ strengths and weaknesses to the parents during the parent-teacher meetings.

Google Classroom

Teachers can organize the class materials using this app. You can reach students easily and engage students in discussions. You can also make announcements to students using this app.

Teach Learn Lead

Using this app, you will be able to meet the other teachers who teach the same subject as you. You can meet like-minded colleagues from across the globe and share your knowledge and experience with each other.


This app is useful for the teachers to communicate with the students and their parents. You ca give classroom announcements, start a group chat, or contact them individually. The messages you send can be translated into more than 70 languages. So, you can easily communicate with parents who are non-native regarding the progress of the student or other reasons.

These apps are very helpful in interacting with students and their parents. It is easier to share ideas and organize works. These apps add positive value to the modern education system.

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